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Your priority is providing the best possible education you can for your students.
Ours is helping you create the ideal environment to do just that.

At Education Resource Partners, we offer a complete package that streamlines the process of furnishing and equipping your entire facility. Our commitment to you is the best possible service and product from the initial consultation to the final installation.


  • Room-by-room space planning and design

    Students have diverse learning styles and needs. To help you make design decisions that will serve a wide array of learners, we offer room-by-room space planning and design as part of your Education Resource Partners experience. From advice about furniture and equipment options for special needs, to color and fabric suggestions that help you create a pleasing sensory environment, we consider this individualized attention an important step in ensuring your needs are met.

  • Simple and accurate ordering process

    Whether browsing online or working one-on-one with one of our designers, we make the ordering process not only simple, but also accurate. Once your order is placed, you can trust that your furniture and equipment is being customized to your specifications, and that when it arrives, you will be glad you chose Education Resource Partners.

  • Timely and efficient delivery and installation

    Our installers are professional, reliable, and experienced in installations of all sizes and types. We will arrive on time, install quickly, and leave you highly satisfied and ready to welcome your students to an effective, well-designed learning environment

  • Follow-up to guarantee complete satisfaction

    Our products meet the highest standards of quality, but if a problem arises, we offer quick and reliable repair or replacement.



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