How to Prepare Your Office Furniture for a Safe Move

Prepare Your Office Furniture for a Safe MoveThere’s both a good and a bad side to office furniture moving. While it’s great to have the space you need, there are many things you need to think about. These are the things you must strategically plan your move around, especially since you want everything to go smoothly and nothing catches anyone by surprise.

Remove Everything From all the Drawers

The most dreaded part of moving probably comes when it’s time to clean out all your drawers. This is important because these items make the furniture heavier, which increases the risk to people who are involved in the office furniture moving process. Professional movers will remove these items if you don’t, the only difference being they’ll also charge you for the time spent doing it so save yourself the time and money by heeding this advice. When planning for this ahead of time, make sure to allot yourself 1.5 boxes per drawer, which should help motivate you to get rid of anything you no longer need here.

Unbolt Furniture Prior to Moving Day

You’ll want to spend time unbolting all your furniture, shelving, cubicle dividers, and any other furniture of this nature before moving day. Not only will this save you time, but remember time is money so you’ll save this as well.

Make Sure Furniture is Properly Disassembled

It’s important to remain organized throughout this process. You don’t want to lose important things like screws or bolts throughout the office furniture moving process. This isn’t difficult to do nor is it time consuming. All you really need are some plastic baggies and painter’s tape. As you’re unbolting the furniture, place these pieces in the baggies and secure them on the furniture. Doing so will make it easier to put the furniture back together at your new location.

Clearly Label Everything

Be specific with anything and everything you label. For instance, give each filing cabinet a number so you can then mark its coinciding boxes accordingly. This will help you know what boxes belong with what piece of furniture. It’ll also help you know exactly where you want them placed when you arrive in your new location. What you take time to do now will save you time in the future when you’re in your new office with everything already assembled.

Create a Floor Plan

Visit your new office space before you start the office furniture moving so you can create a floor plan. Be specific regarding who will occupy which office, where each piece of furniture will go, and how everything is to be arranged in each room once it arrives. Although this may feel like overkill now, you’ll be glad you’ve done so when each piece of furniture is placed in the correct location the first time.

Hire Professional Movers

When you know office furniture moving needs done but you don’t want to do it yourself, talk to the Education Resource Partners. They can help you find the right professional movers then plan all the details to make sure you fit comfortably into your new office. It’s imperative that you find a company who has an efficient track record in this regard so you don’t waste any time or money. Many people have been happy they’ve called on Education Resource Partners to help them over the years, you should be next.

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