The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sending Your Child To A Charter School

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sending Your Child To A Charter SchoolWhen you’re thinking about moving, one of the important things you should take into consideration as a parent is the schools in the area. This is something that a growing number of parents are stepping up and taking note of today. Proof of this lies in the fact that those areas in which the good schools are located are commanding a much higher price.

Types of Schools Worthy of Your Consideration when House Hunting

Today when you talk about schools there aren’t only the traditional public schools or even the private schools in the area that are being discussed, but charter schools are now a hot topic as well. When you take these various schools into consideration when you’re searching for the right home to buy, you’ll be able to expand the area in which you do your house hunting. This will also allow you to be able to find a better house that fits well within your budget and yet allows you to still give your children the type of education you believe they deserve.

Understanding What Charter Schools Are

Simply put, a charter school is one that’s independent of the traditional public schools in the area. Here a group of people (teachers, parents, and community leaders) come together to open a school. In doing so they create a charter plan that describes what the mission, structure, and principles of this school will be, along with how these things will be “measured.” This is something that the state must then review and decide if they’ll approve of it. If they do, the state will provide funding for each child that attends this school.

There are numerous advantages to this type of a school that you as a parent should be aware of. These include:

  • These schools aren’t run in the same way as a traditional public school. Not even their classroom setting is the same. Instead, each of them is independent and thus can determine what the best way is for them to teach the students who attend their institution. Since not every student learns in the same way, you as a parent can now find a place where your child can thrive.
  • Since these schools aren’t a part of the traditional public-school system, they have a higher rate of accountability because when they don’t perform well and keep members of the community happy, they’ll lose students. This could also cause them to lose their charter status and be forced to close their doors.
  • A charter school isn’t forced to follow the same government regulations that public schools must follow. This is advantageous in that the traditional school bureaucracy isn’t there for you to deal with.
  • When it comes to supporting certain causes or programs, they can attract more donations.
  • Unfortunately, like with everything else in life you also need to understand what the disadvantages of sending your child to a charter school are. These include:
  • Strict admission policies may discourage some students from applying.
  • Sometimes parents must cover transportation costs.
  • Their resources and facilities may not be as stellar as what’s being offered by public schools.
  • Since they don’t have to follow government regulations you may find some areas that won’t measure up to your expectations.

If this is of interest to you and you want to find a charter school in your area you will find lists of them when you search online. To save yourself some time though, you can instead contact the Education Resource Partners. They have information that can help you as a parent get the best education possible for your child so make sure that you reach out to them today.

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