Tips To Help You Choose The Right Charter School

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Charter SchoolAn alternative to the traditional school is emerging today in the form of the charter school. This is the ideal choice for many families because these schools are independently managed, yet publicly funded. As such, these schools are autonomous and can be more flexible. When you’re considering looking for such a school for your child, there are some tips you should remember.

Make Sure you Have a Clear Definition of a Charter School

You can think of these school as publicly funded private schools that are established under a charter with either the community or the state. These schools are ran by an independent board that’s elected by the school’s families. They’re still subject to performance reviews but as long as they meet the goals set before them, they can operate as they see fit. The state will give them resources to do so. You as the parent can decide if such a school is right for you but remember you may need to be more involved with your child’s school if you choose to go this route.

Understanding the Admissions Process

Each school has a process your child must go through if they want to attend that school. It doesn’t matter where you live or what their ethnicity is since the process is meant to be nondiscriminatory so that all children can be served well – even those with disabilities. This is why you’ll see quite a diverse population in attendance here. However, when there’s more student demand than there is space in the school a lottery system will be applied. Children who aren’t given the opportunity to attend the school will be placed on a wait list then names will be randomly drawn when space opens up so another child can then attend the school.

Always Check the School out for Yourself

Before you enroll your child in one of these school, do your due diligence. You’ll want to check out the teachers themselves because many will have professional experience but not teaching credentials. It’s also important to consider the other pros and cons surrounding the school itself. For instance, the school may get less funding, but the environment could be better for your child. This is because a charter school is no longer only for low income areas, but they now offer high-quality education in suburban areas as well.

The Popularity of Charter Schools Today

This educational system seems to be working well for many families today. If you look at the statistics, you can see this for yourself. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that about 7,000 of these schools now exist in America. This is about 6% of public-school enrollment – a number that many experts expected to grow to 40% by 2036.

Hopefully these tips have helped you gain a better understanding of these schools. However, if you still have questions or need some guidance in finding the right school for your child, Education Resource Partners is here for you. Reach out to them today.

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