Helpful Office Furniture Trends for 2019

Helpful Office Furniture Trends for 2019Your company’s office furniture reflects on your workplace since its interior design will have a direct impact on how your staff will interacts with one another. This is why many companies’ design resonates with their brand’s theme, colors, and symbols. It’s also why so much money is spent on decorating and designing these spaces. Today there are many new trends emerging and growing popular, but this one truth remains throughout them all. Looking at these new trends will help you find great ways to motivate your employees in the coming months.

Creating Smart Furniture That Uses Smart Devices

Today it’s growing even more important to understand how many people are using a certain space and how they’re using it. For this companies are using occupancy sensors on desks to know how many people are using each floor or each conference room. Based on these statistics, management is able to make decisions that’ll help them conserve energy and money. They can also decide how to rearrange their office space so that it works better for their employees, enabling them to be more productive. With all these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that such technology is in hot demand.

Furniture for Shared Office Space

Everyone from freelancers and small businesses to big brands are starting to favor open, shared workspaces because they allow a convenient way for employees to collaborate with each other. Some of these spaces have even brought multiple companies together under the same roof. This is because these spaces don’t have closed off walls. Instead they focus on allowing everyone to share the same space and resources. Sometimes even the same talent is also shared.

Desks for Open Floor Plans

Traditional cabinet walls are also being broken down today. The office furniture that past generations relied on to help them segment individual workstations are no longer necessary. Instead, many offices are now creating open floor plans. Many people believe that this trend will continue to grow because it helps build community, boosts collaboration, and even reinforces inner office relationships.

Adding a Touch of Green

There are many great benefits to adding plants to offices today. This is why we’re also seeing an increased number of companies building gardens on top of their roofs, using wall dividers that are nature-based (e.g. bamboo), and adding water features throughout their office. Studies show that this helps improve employees’ health by making them happier, calmer, and more creative. It also boosts productivity. Many companies have such a grasp on this that they’ve started taking this initiative even further and adding air-purifying plants or living green walls and including colorful flowers.

The Use of Abstract and Geometric Patterns

Having the same monotonous monochrome color adorn all your office walls is now a thing of the past. Most of today’s companies are hiring experienced interior designers to create their office landscaped. This has led to the use of abstract and geometric patterns now becoming commonplace in hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, and even in offices.

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