School Principals: America’s Most Highly Trusted Profession

School Principals: America's Most Highly Trusted ProfessionA special congratulations go out to America’s principals as they’re more trusted than police officers, military leaders, journalists, and Congressional members. The newest Pew Research Center Survey that inquired about how Americans view those groups of people who hold most of the nation’s power and responsibilities says principals working at a charter school get high marks in terms of their honesty and how they manage public resources. This survey’s goal was to see how Americans viewed this group of people in terms of performance, empathy, ethics, and owning up to their own mistakes.

 A Closer Look at the Stats

 According to this research study, not only are principals highly trusted but:

  • 84% of Americans believe that principals who work at a charter school care about their school’s students most of the time
  • 81% of Americans believe that principals handle the resources of the charter school responsibly
  • 72% of Americans believe principals were good at making sure that their students were able to develop critical thinking skills
  • 79% of Americans believe principals provide fair and accurate information to them
  • 32% of Americans believe principals acknowledge their missteps and own up to their mistake (in comparison to 79% of Congressional members and 55% of tech company leaders)

 Some of the other groups that were reviewed by this survey included religious leaders, local government officials, and leaders of tech companies. Coming in second to these principals were police and military leaders. Those who had the least amount of confidence from Americans were Congressional members and leaders of tech companies.

 How Principals Rate in Terms of Ethical Behavior

 Unfortunately, when it comes to their ethical behavior, principals who work at a charter school weren’t as highly viewed in terms of their ethical behavior. Nevertheless, they’re still rated better than most of the other professions that were surveyed here. For instance, while 81% of Americans believe that Congressional members act unethically at least part of the time, only 52% of Americans believe this to be true of principals or military leaders.

 Noteworthy Considerations

 Another noteworthy point about this Pew Research Center Survey is that these views carried across all demographic lines. However, what makes this particularly noteworthy is that African American principals in specific have more positive reviews than their Caucasian counterparts. Here it’s important to realize that this report was nationally representative of American adults. 10,618 respondents participated here between November 27 – December 10, 2018, and there’s only a 1.5% margin of error possible.


 Now that you know how most of America feels about principals who work at their local charter school, isn’t it time that you show your principal a little more support? After all, they’re working hard to help give your children a great education. At Education Resource Partners we believe they deserve your accolades and are here to help you give them to your school’s principal. Stop by our website or contact us today to find some items that will help make their lives and their jobs easier. Many people have been glad they’ve done this already.

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