Ways Of A New Age Library!

Ways Of A New Age Library!The libraries have been the community cornerstones for ages. The month of April marks a school library month which celebrates the promotion of education and awareness in a nurturing and open space. What makes the long-lasting institutions tick isn’t the mere preservation of books and the promotion of knowledge. It is the uncanny capability to consistently adapt to changes. These changes include emerging technology and the demands of the local people. Libraries are not going to disappear soon and instead might actually blossom into new things and become a place that provides a more exciting experience. It might also become in sync with the myriad of information necessary these days.

1. Use of technology: It is probably the most obvious direction libraries will evolve in. Seamless integration of various technologies at a quicker and trendy pace can be observed even now. There are many gadgets and concepts available these days such as tablet PCs, e-book readers and some of them are open source. They are constantly trying to meet community demands. The paperbacks do not hold this kind of appeal like the new and shiny gadgets. But the really enterprising librarians will know how to bring back the masses to the libraries by using this lust for the use of technology.

2. Greater reach for non-English speakers: The public library in New York is an effort for patrons to take advantage of the various services on offer. They have laced time, energy, and money for improving the facility for non-English speakers. With the continual rise in globalization, there are more multilingual cities and as the libraries are integral portions of the community, it is an excellent opportunity for the neighbors to get acquainted with the locals. More engagement means more communication and closer relationships.

3. Emptying the Community Space: When you place more emphasis on technology it allows you to free up a lot of space in the facility and some leaders are aware of how to use this space for the good effect such as those at the Anoka County Library in the state of Minneapolis. Greater space allows them to offer a wider range of services such as a community center that is focused on learning rather than just reading literature. Some programs at the Minneapolis library include genealogy classes that target the seniors who are hoping to learn more about their family history. They also offer big letter blocks for children.

4. Crowdsourcing: Many libraries in the US depend on their interaction with the neighborhood for their survival. Therefore they have decided to go to crowdsourcing. They host focus groups and are open to various suggestions by the professionals and patrons alike. Most of the people are suggesting the use of technology for training reference librarians from YouTube videos or Wikipedia and Google. There are other online facilities available such as Education Resource Partners who use libraries for their training purposes. Many libraries around the world is asking the staff to do double duties such as class leaders and event planners. The future librarians around the world will be tasked with several additional duties.

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